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yrityksiä varten!

yrityksiä varten!

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envitech aREA

Business opportunities in the unique industrial symbiosis and recycling ecosystem.

Envitech Area - Environmental Industrial Ecosystem - is offering possibilities for the new entrants in the functional industrial network.

Envitech Area has industrial sites in the zoned area of 255 hectares. Recycling of the glass and refridgerators in Finland are already concentrated to this area. The area is developing to be carbon-neutral and has biogas production for the industry as well as plans for the wind power. The city of Forssa has long industrial tradition and strategical focus on circukar economy called "Bright Green Forssa". The strategy of Forssa supports Finland's vision to be the leading country in the circular economy by the 2025.

Join FRUSH, Circular Economy Event for Startups and Growth Enterprises on 18th September 2019 and learn more about the possibilities of the Envitech Area. More infomation fron the websites

Companies in the industrial  network:

Uusioaines Oy

Saint Gobain

Loimi-Hämeen Jätehuolto

Envor Group Oy

Watrec Ltd

Research and education in Forssa region:






Timo Kärkkäinen
puh. 050 336 7872




Hannu-Heikki Saarinen
puh. 050 550 3155